UK Internal Auditors to be Trained by Solace Global Maritime

Posted : 02/18/13 9:18 AM

UK Internal Auditors to be Trained by Solace Global Maritime Internal Auditors in the UK will have the benefit of being trained by one of the world’s leading private maritime security companies (PMSCs), Solace Global Maritime. This is in preparation for the upcoming ISO PAS 28007 accreditation, Guidelines for Private Maritime Security Companies. The internal auditors taking part in this training have been individually selected across multiple departments and will have to report on the audits of business functions at least once per twelve month period. Solace Global Maritime has always been at the very forefront of the industry and with their current enthusiasm towards obtaining new certification, one can rest assured they will remain at the top of their game. Solace Global Maritime leads the charge for maritime security services, providing security on many levels as well as audits to discover faults and improve systems on vessels around the world. Their clients include some of the largest oil and gas companies in the world, testament to the effectiveness and usefulness of the services provided. The internal auditors being trained by Solace Global maritime have at their disposal the best and the finest of the PMSC’s experienced staff as mentors – an opportunity that would lead to tighter audits all around. Internal auditors are required to maintain the standards enforced by the multiple accreditations that Solace Global Maritime has obtained. These include ISO 9001, 18001, and 14001 – which the company attained last year for its success in the implementation of an effective environmental police company-wide. The strict criteria required to maintain this level of compliance, and retain their accredited status, requires that the company have on board a set of internal auditors that can perform the job of external auditors in order to deal with problems as they appear. As can be seen from Solace Global Maritime’s dedication to the highest standards of international accreditation, the training of these internal auditors can only seek to improve the current service provided by the company. At the same time, it allows for the discovery of anything that could possibly threaten the stability and efficiency of their services. Likewise, companies worldwide that depend on Solace Global Maritime will be pleased to see that they are taking all steps possible to ensure that they are internationally certified to the standards required and holding themselves at that high level – meaning the same level of remarkable service consumers have been used to will be carried forward. Definitely a bright spot for the world’s leading PMSC.