Air Freight Forwarder (Domestic & Global)

With BMI’s air services, flying freight is a breeze. We coordinate and transport merchandise of any kind via aircraft, including cargo that is too heavy or large to fit in the belly of passenger aircrafts as well as hazardous and perishable goods. The dedicated, experienced professionals at BMI have provided air freight transportation services that are on schedule and within budget for over three decades. Our company is a licensed TSA Indirect Carrier and freight forwarder that also assists clients with customs clearance, so whether your cargo needs to travel within the United States or outside the country, it can fly through BMI.

Airlines often fly planes between major cities daily, giving us the accessibility needed to move goods as quickly as next-day delivery. For customers seeking a more economical service, BMI is also able to deliver freight on a 2-4 day and 5-6 day global service. Shipping by air is usually more expensive than by ocean, but air transportation provides reliability and moves goods much quicker because airlines have multiple weekly departures and faster transit times compared to ocean shipping. This makes our air services perfect for timely solutions on time-critical cargo. At BMI, we offer competitive air freight rates and do everything we can to minimize your per unit cost so that moving your cargo is as easy and affordable as possible.

Through our complete logistics services, we handle clients’ cargo from start to finish as if it were our own. We have a network of 188 agents in 96 countries that is growing every week to manage our clients’ freight and provide them with our wide range of services. In order to satisfy the individual needs of every customer, our air services include:

  • Door-to-door delivery
  • Airport-to-airport delivery
  • Consolidated cargo
  • Loose cargo
  • In transit cargo
  • Service from all points in the U.S.
  • Over 70 drop stations
  • Selection from multiple carriers
  • Frequent flights, up to five times per week
  • Complete documentation preparation
  • Automated e-mail cargo arrival notice
  • Full insurance services

We know that each shipment is unique, which is why our clients’ air transportation experiences are so customizable. A customer of BMI can elect to have the freight simply arrive at the airport, for instance, or it can be delivered to his or her  door. In addition, shippers and consignees looking for extra security have the option of insuring air cargo through BMI. Whatever route you want to take, we have the knowledge and flexibility to move your shipment swiftly, safely, and to your specifications.