Ocean Freight Consolidators

Thousands of cargo carriers handle international trade across the world’s oceans and seas. These carriers service global and niche markets on a variety of cargo vessels, including container ships and bulk carriers, to ship global freight of any size. Since 1976, customers have depended on BMI to navigate the complex waters of ocean transportation and see all kinds of products and materials to their final destinations.

BMI doesn’t own the ships that carry our customers’ freight; rather, we are a group of transport managers dedicated to meeting our clients’ logistics needs when moving large products or quantities of goods to destinations via ocean. Our transport managers take advantage of improvements in ocean freight such as faster ships and shipping routes to give our customers service that is timely and reliable.

Our success in shipping cargo across the ocean comes from providing scheduled service, competitive prices, highly skilled employees, and numerous transportation services, which include:


We are able to assist companies by managing the movement of a variety of heavyweight cargo. In addition, we provide scheduled import and export service to move FCL, LCL, and break-bulk cargo from the United States to Central and South America, Europe, Asia, the Caribbean, and other destinations around the world via ocean.

Our company is a fully licensed International Ocean Consolidator (NVOCC) and Ocean Freight Forwarder, and we are certified to handle clients’ hazardous material. We also employ qualified agents to aid in customs clearance with all the speed and accuracy our customers deserve.

BMI helps clients with warehousing, pickups, delivery, and online tracking as well. Our freight management system is an Internet-based software that allows our customers to follow the movement of their shipments to their destinations from beginning to end.

We have offered dependable, error-free service for over a quarter of a century. At BMI, we invite you to join our tradition of excellent service and transport solutions for all your international shipments.