Supply Chain Management

More and more businesses today are globalizing their purchases and sales. As a  result, these companies are facing more responsibilities and operational pressures  that directly impact their supply chains. With over 30 years of expertise in logistics  services, BMI can improve your supply chain performance by using efficient logistic  channels around the world to manage your materials’ movements. A global supply and demand network can be complex, costly, and, if it is not placed  in the capable hands of an experienced logistics management team, risky. Without  the aid of a supply chain management team, especially one that operates with clear visibility like BMI, businesses often struggle to properly manage their global supply  chains due to:
  • longer lead times and more lead variability
  • dealing with additional suppliers, partners, carriers, customers, countries, and logistics channels
  • emerging supply chain management costs (e.g., total landed costs, fuel costs, labor costs)
  BMI, on the other hand, provides customers with a global supply chain management team that effectively supervises the flow of goods around the world. Our teams  assist in designing, implementing, and monitoring the supply chain activities to the  end user. Businesses that elect to employ BMI in their global supply chains can:
  • alleviate the operational stress of growing global operations and intricacies
  • improve supply chain operational speed and accuracy
  • meet higher demands from stakeholders and customers for accuracy and  timeliness of deliveries
  • comply with directives from officers of business to reduce supply chain  execution costs
  • properly manage inventory held at various stages in the supply chain
  • handle the increasing number of trading partners, vendors, and carriers
  In addition, we ensure the efficient movement between the sourcing of goods and  their delivery to worldwide destinations through a tower control approach, which  gives our clients the visibility required to view all of their suppliers, make  knowledgeable decisions regarding product orders, and identify and address any  weaknesses in the supply chain. Increasing this visibility is a critical strategy for any company aiming to reduce costs and improve its operational performance in  sourcing, manufacturing, and distribution of goods across the globe. BMI customers are achieving faster and more economical ways to move their  products around the world through our supply management teams. These expert  teams lead to cost savings as well as more time to focus on vendor compliance and customer satisfaction. If you have any questions regarding our global supply chain  management or other logistics services, please do not hesitate to contact us.   
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