New OOCL Container Ship Launches

OOCL witnessed the launching of its latest 8,888 TEU vessel yesterday from Changxing Island shipyard in Shanghai on the 15th of January, 2013. The OOCL Miami is third of eight vessels commissioned by the shipping company from Hudong-Zhonghua. This ship is just the latest in a long line of ships built by Hudong-Zhonghua combining innovation with efficient techniques in construction. Hudong-Zhonghua has made a name for itself in recent years with its shipbuilding prowess and ability to deliver on time. It is because of these merits that OCCL had granted to them the contract for the construction of these 8,888 TEU ships. They have not disappointed. The OOCL Miami is scheduled to run the Trans-Pacific network’s Super Shuttle Express (SSX) service with an expected forty-two day port rotation. Hudong-Zhonghua is a massive shipbuilding enterprise, the forefront of which is the China Shipbuilding Group Corporation (CSGC). Their work is among the best in the industry and does not only consist of container ships. Hudong-Zhonghua has also built chemical carriers, passenger ships, and bulk-cargo transports, to name a few. A grand total of over three thousand ships have been built by this company. Hudong-Zhonghua builds for both the local and international market…
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