When shipments are burdened with extra weight, length, width, or height, their shippers are likewise burdened by the additional challenges and requirements associated with heavy haul trucking. First, overweight and over-dimensional cargo must be matched with special trucks, trailers, or equipment in which it can be properly loaded and hauled. Once they’re on the road, superloads are subject to the regulations of each state they move through. Special permits must be purchased for each state a heavy haul shipment travels through, and in some cases permits are needed for counties, municipalities, or governmental agencies as well. Special routing is also often necessary so that heavy haul trucks drive on the highways that allow their vehicle weight. For safety reasons, some states dictate specific travel hours for transporting project cargo by truck and require that certain superloads have certified Pilot/Escort Vehicle Operators (P/EVO). Cargo that goes beyond the usual limits for size or weight demands logistics management that goes above and beyond as well. At BMI, we do exactly that with equipment and services such as:
  • Overweight & Over-dimensonal Cargo
  • Hazardous Cargo
  • Enclosed Vans
  • Flatbeds (Extendible)
  • Step-decks (Extendible) & Drop-decks (Single, Double, Extendible)
  • Lowboys (Double Drop, 35 to 225 ton, 6 to 20 axel trailers)
  • Rail
  • Barges
  • Container Pick-up & Door-to-Door Delivery
  Our specialists provide total transport solutions for project cargo and determine what type of truck, trailer, or equipment is best for each unique shipment. Enclosed vans, for instance, will keep sensitive freight safe from outdoor elements when flatbeds don’t provide enough protection. But when a shipment must be loaded quickly or it is too long, wide, high, or heavy, flatbeds are ideal. There are also specialized kinds of flatbeds used for different purposes. Step-deck and drop-deck trailers usually haul taller freight due to the dropped section available in the back beyond the tractor unit, whereas lowboys are often utilized for overweight cargo like bulldozers, cranes, and other industrial equipment. All these considerations and more are taken into account by the knowledgeable teams at BMI. For project cargo service that is able to handle your shipments’ needs speedily and safely while saving you money, book with BMI.