BMI is committed to delivering all of our customers’ shipments, whether they’re big or small, heavy or lightweight. That’s why our company is equipped to handle the movement of freight by barge, break-bulk, or roll-on/roll-off without any hassle. Cargo is loaded directly onto vessels for our industrial projects that don’t fit into containers, such as power generation, infrastructure, modules, oil and gas, or farming and mining equipment. Ro-ro ships are also available for wheeled cargo such as tractors, trailers, trucks, and cars to be rolled on and rolled off of the vessel promptly and efficiently. As your logistics management team, we will save your business time and money by determining the best way to handle all of your your heavy lift cargo.

Over more than three decades in this market, BMI has developed expertise in the field, problem-solving skills, and innovative thinking. We have also obtained special equipment for the purposes of meeting clients’ needs when transporting overweight and oversized units. That’s why customers in the agricultural industry, oil field industry, auto industry, construction industry, paper industry, and liquor industry have entrusted BMI to move their industrial projects and equipment via ocean.

Of the many valuable services BMI offers, clients with industrial projects can expect:

  • Transport & Logistics Management
  • Heavy & Oversized Load Transportation
  • Disassembling
  • Cargo Monitoring

In addition to providing door-to-door service for industrial projects and equipment, BMI makes it easy for clients to monitor their cargo from start to finish. Shipments can be traced online through our freight management system. All shipping information is available online, including any changes to the status of the shipment (e.g., picked up, discharged from port, arrived at port). Throughout the day, we update customers’ shipment statuses and send e-mail updates for status changes so that our clients can have peace of mind knowing the most recent information on their cargo at all times. Customers profit from this tracking software because it aids in reducing costs, lead times, inventory holdings, and back orders, while also giving clients the opportunity to supervise the performance of suppliers.

BMI works to ensure that projects are completed error-free, on time, and within budget to benefit our customers. We aim to organize and deliver projects swiftly and safely, while meeting all federal regulations in the United States and beyond.