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BMI understands that knowledge is the key to making informative decisions when purchasing merchandise internationally, that is why we are offering you these shipping resources. BMI offers you some cargo and freight shipping resources to help you guide through the maze of shipping internationally. BMI has Container Specifications to help you calculate what can be loaded into a container, Standardized International Terms of Sale (INCO Terms) listed, so that buyers and sellers know their responsibilities. If you are looking for latest Cargo News this is the place for you.

We at BMI have accomplished transport solutions to our customers for more than a quarter of a century, through our traditional strategies and new innovative thinking.

Air Cargo

Property of any kind that is transported by aircraft (excluding passenger baggage and mail).

Breakbulk Cargo

Cargo that is shipped in packing units such as cartons, cases, crates, bales, drums, or pallets, but not containerized.

Less Than Truckload = LTL Less Than Containerload = LCL

A shipment which does not completely fill a truck or which weighs less than the weight required for the application of the truck load freight rate (which is usually a lower freight rate than applied to less-than-truckload cargo.)

Full Truck Load = FTL Full Container Load = FCL

A shipment which completely fills a truck or which weighs the approximate weight required for the application of the truck load freight rate.

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