Truck Transportation

In the world of freight transportation, especially for domestic pickups and deliveries, trucking dominates the market. Almost any good or product we come into contact with in our daily lives has made part, if not all, of its journey to us via truck. Here at BMI, we’ve provided long haul and local transportation services for our clients for the last 30 years. We offer international trucking services as well as domestic transportation from any point in the United States, including Houston, New Orleans, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Savannah, Atlanta, Charleston, Norfolk, and Miami. Our goal is to get your shipments on the road and to their destinations faster and safer with our pickup and delivery trucking services.

When a client chooses BMI, he or she is choosing a highly qualified logistics management team committed to finding the right equipment, moving freight to the right destination, and making the delivery at the right time. Customers can take advantage of our multitude of trucking services and equipment, which include:

To ship cargo as quickly and efficiently as possible, many companies choose 3rd party transportation logistics providers like BMI to manage their freight for the entire transportation process. Valuable resources such as time, energy, and money can be wasted in the hassle of handling all the details of a shipment in-house. Instead, BMI can coordinate and ship our customers’ goods and materials. This allows businesses to take a back seat while still having access to all their booking information and shipping details through our online business solutions applications.

Another benefit to charging BMI with the task of delivering your shipments is that we make your cargo’s security a priority by only using carriers that have insurance and a high safety rating. In addition, the information on a client’s freight is all in one place and handled by one logistics management team, which reduces the risk of error and facilitates total transport solutions. BMI offers the experience and expertise required to deliver cargo on time every time, while also staying within the client’s budget.